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Are all those drugs and tests you're told you need really crticial to your health?

This website takes a critical look at the scientific evidence supporting common treatment decisions.  The recurring themes include overdiagnosis and its consequences, how to recognize unnecessary treatment, how to understand inflated claims for screening tests and preventive drug therapy.   (New to this website? click here)

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We stopped posting new content on October 19, 2012. Feel free to use our archives. The policy work of the Center for Medical Consumers continues.

Should you get a flu shot?     (This is the last post) 
The World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and most primary care physicians would answer this question with an emphatic yes. But if you’re someone who wants good quality evidence of safety and effectiveness to back your medical decisions, then the answer is no.                read more

What is overtreatment? What are its harms?   Watch this video

MDs distrust drug industry-funded studies
New survey shows that physicians assume industry-funded trials are not to be trusted, even when they are well-designed and superior to National Institutes of Health-funded trials.        read more

Diabetes 2 drug warning
Of all medications, insulin and oral diabetes 2 drugs are the 2nd most common cause of E.R. visits and hospitalizations. People over age 65 with certain medical conditions are at highest risk.       read more

U.S. health care system: A critique and proposal for change
The Institute of Medicine has issue a report entitled, “Best Care at Lower Cost.”  It both an  extensive critique of the U.S. health care system and a broad exploration of the possibilities for change.       read more

Understanding lab tests
Always request copies of your medical tests.  That’s the standard advice to consumers, but can you understand the results?  There’s a website that can help.                read more

Drugs for mild hypertension
Once again, medical dogma  doesn’t hold up under scientific scrutiny.   There’s no proven benefit to treating people with blood pressure under 159/99.    read more

Cranberries and urinary tract infections
Yes, this folk remedy can reduce some recurrences when antibiotics fail.                read more

Medicare better than private insurance
First consumer satisfaction survey finds more people with traditional Medicare are satisfied with their care than those with private insurance or a Medicare Advantage plan.        read more

How prescription drug harms can go unnoticed
Medical care is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.  The death of the research physician who produced this statistic 12 years ago has recently been attributed to Plavix.       read more

An honest take on lung screening scans
How lifesaving?  How risky?  New review of what is known so far.     read more