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Center for Medical Consumers

We’ll help you make informed decisions.

Do you know that many medical treatments are based on little or no proof of long-term safety or effectiveness? In some instances, the published evidence is clear, but ignored. For example, hundreds of thousands of coronary-artery opening procedures are performed annually on people who could have been just as safely and effectively treated with drugs—the same drugs prescribed to virtually everyone after the procedure. And those screening tests you’re expected to undergo regularly? Well, they are regularly misrepresented as harmless.  Never before have so many healthy people been told to go on drugs for the rest of their lives, usually to prevent a heart attack, hip fracture, or stroke.  But how many of these people have had the size of the proven benefit and the potential risks explained?  These common medical decisions often show up in our articles, which typically look beyond the medical dogma for the published evidence you need to make a truly informed decision.

Our advocacy, whether in Washington or New York, is about protecting the public from harm and making those who profit from health care accountable for the safety and quality of their products and services. For example, thanks to the Center’s leadership New Yorkers now have access to infection rates in all hospitals across the state. For more about our history, our mission, and our funding, click here.

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